Out into the world

Murphy’s Law, at work. After a year since my first book was accepted for publishing, a round of revisions, rounds of editing, the eagerly anticipated day arrived. Except I have the flu and a houseguest. So, run off my feet, I had not managed to get around to seeing the darned thing go ‘live’ until late (here) in the day.

But when I did…wow. *happy dance* Kinda hard to believe it is my work up for sale. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that a world I have created will 1. be read (fingers crossed) and 2. has spawned another book (upcoming: Wings of a Butterfly).

For now: I have a buy link! [I will not even pretend not to be excited.]

Werewolves, vampires, time-travel, Victoriana! Did I mention sexy werewolves? 🙂


About A. Faris

A. Faris spent her formative years at libraries and scribbling odd tales that somehow always end up romantic. She writes in between running after her son.
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