Men and their toys: Sexy Movimiento

Sexy Movimeinto, Wisin Y Yandel.


Hip-hop, which has become synonymous with any type of urban music, can be many things: subversive, masochistic, misogynistic, amusing, repellant and fascinating. Nas, to me, represents a example of hip-hop as a good expression of disaffection, on things that matter. At the other end of the spectrum, you have faux-gangsters (or as 50-Cent put it, wanksters), who glamorize crime without really understanding the desperation that drive those in the ghetto. Largely, most fall in between and are fascinating studies in themselves.

Reggaeton, which I consider to be Latin hip-hop (argh, don’t throw brick-bats at me!), is a manifestation of a different -yet the same- milieu. Just like hip-hop, you have commentaries on the things that most concern the rappers, sadly, for the most part crime, hot women and the occasional political or social issues.

As a commentary on those things, I find fascinating the music videos that spring from the songs. Sexy Movimiento is really a song about a woman, a modern ode if you will, in stark terms but the video is about a diamond heist (appropriately pink!). The jewels as the object of desire is played out with a purview of the criminals’ jewellery collection (which made me sigh with envy) [2:06] to go with

Me desespero…(Tu lo sabes!)
Quisiera, sentir tu cuerpo
Es el momento
De venir a mi, no pierdas mas tiempo

You drive me mad (You know it!)
I want to feel your body
It’s the moment
To come to me, don’t waste any more time

And, intentional or not (subliminal?), it repeats with Yandel flashing that (cute!) skull in 3:02, followed by a shot of the diamond with the background of the same bit from the song. Coupled together, interspersed with shots of bodalicious women and flash cars, one can say that women are represented here as objects of desire

Now, how one feels about that depends on whether one thinks objectification is involved, just like an appreciative smack on the ass from a man can be sexy or plain rude, depending on the man and the circumstances. If this sets feminism back a few centuries, too bad – but I do think that there is a space for a man’s appreciation of the female form. I don’t want my man to appreciate only my mind, thank you very much. (Neither do I want him to only like my body. You can never win, guys.)

At the end of the day, it is a fine line between appreciation and creepy. The song and video Sexy Movimiento works for me, even though it cannot win any feminism awards. I do think it’s a nice ode to a woman, although I might be alone in this.


About A. Faris

A. Faris spent her formative years at libraries and scribbling odd tales that somehow always end up romantic. She writes in between running after her son.
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