Byredo Blanche

Aptly named, Blanche by Byredo calls to mind piles and piles of white powder… laundry detergent powder. Never had the word soapy resonated so swiftly from the first sniff. At first a bar of soap, Blanche develops into laundry detergent that does not stop. Not even the type that smells natural (like the lovely Ecover detergent) – nope, the cheap knock-off brands.

130 quid for 100ml? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t even buy a sample. (Thankfully, I did not have to.)

The worst part, like any scrubber, it is ridiculously tenacious. I still can’t get it off me! Wail! *gag* Off to the sink again.


About A. Faris

A. Faris spent her formative years at libraries and scribbling odd tales that somehow always end up romantic. She writes in between running after her son.
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