Out of Joint

Out of Joint by A. Faris

A paranormal, time travel romance, published by Decadent Publishing

Rating Warning: M/F sex, adult language

Blurb: Rebecca Guthrie, a governess in the Wentworth house, is in love with Bennett Wentworth, brother to her young charge. Unfortunately, she does not realize the family harbours a secret well beyond the scope of her imaginings. Ashamed of the werewolf family curse, Bennett has vowed never to marry, and chooses to deny the very real attraction he feels for Rebecca.

It takes a past and future tangle in time to uncover their secret passions, and finally bring Rebecca and Bennett together. The same glitch in time, however, threatens to tear them asunder.


The young girl shivers, as if aware of the twin yellow orbs fixed upon her. She draws her cloak tighter about her and looks around.

“Georgie,” she whispers, hopefully.

The scent of her fear is tantalizing, almost masking the stink of her cheap toilet water, applied with too lavish a hand. She smoothes the wool of her drab gray dress in a nervous action. She shifts about, looking this way and that, but sees only the endless shadows around her and the light from the moon above. The round face mocks her inability to see much of her surroundings, retaining all its brilliance for its selfish purposes.

Then, she turns back and stills. Her breath hastens, her pulse drumming enticingly in her veins. She curls a protective hand around her womb. The wolf sniffs, and scents new life. It hesitates, checked by an unseen hand.

Then it leaps, thrilled when the girl turns and runs.

She does not get far.

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