Top Ten Hottest Male Stars (Part 2)

Kim Jae Wook

Easy on the eyes Kim Jae Wook almost upstaged the hero (played by Gong Yoo) in Coffee Prince. But it is in Antique that he truly shone with a portrayal of a multi-faceted homosexual character.

Amaury Nolasco

Susan B. Anthony: Do you know what I just found out? That Sucre means sugar.

Fernando Sucre: Yeah.

Susan B. Anthony: So everytime I say your name, I’m calling you sugar.

Fernando Sucre: Basically, yeah.

Susan B. Anthony: I like that

Me, too.

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Because India is not just the fair-skinned north.

Given the Indian hangup on skin colour, it is great to see a drop-dead gorgeous actor (that hair! that bone structure!) who is dark and had not had his images modified to seem fairer.

No token Asian in Heroes, he’s also funny in ‘It’s a Wonderful Afterlife’.

Shahid Kapoor

Something to be said for eye-candy – stick Shahid Kapoor in a movie of indeterminate quality and you have a watchable few hours. At least, that’s what I think of Jab We Met. His best movie yet is Dil Bole Hadippa! (if only because of Rani Murkjee).

But I’m biased.

Unax Ugalde

Eye-catching in Alatriste despite stiff competition in the form of Viggo Mortensen, Unax Ugalde is both handsome and talented. From Che (Part 1) to the badly-executed Love in the Time of Cholera, Unax Ugalde shows he’s no pretty face.

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Top Ten Hottest Male Stars…

who are not WAS(P). (Part 1)

The most striking thing about the perennial ‘hot’ lists is the whiteness of the people. Glamour Magazine (UK) has 5 non-white (black, in this case) men amongst their 70 hottest men while some random website has 10-11 (depending on how rigidly you want to define race*) non-white men in their list of 55 – a better percentage than Glamour.

*to use ‘race’ very loosely, human race being the only actual race.

Representation is more that having a black man in the Oval Office; representational media is more than having a token Asian/Black/(insert minority group). One of the best examples of equal racial representation in TV is Heroes – despite the at times stereotypical scenes or character, the minority characters in Heroes are rarely defined by their race or nationality.

I am highly sceptical of lines like (but not limited to) HQ’s Kimani etc. Other than cringe-worthy attempts at ‘ghetto’, I’d like to read heroines of minority groups who are not defined by their group characteristic. People are multi-faceted and do not always fit stereotypes; heroes or heroines who  are supposed to be Latino, Black etc should be first and foremost heroes or heroines, not Latino/Black….

I can go on and on about this hot-button topic but getting back to a hottest list…it’s not that difficult to find at least ten really hot men to include in any top whatever list!

Here’s my top ten hottest/sexiest men who are NOT of the blond-blue-eyed mold (in no particular order, because I dislike ranking).

Yandel (Wisin Y Yandel)

The most biased choice.

Standing at 5’5 (1.6m), he’s not the usual tall, dark and handsome. But he sure is handsome. There is something about Sr Llandel Veguilla Salazar that appeals to me. His beautiful lips? Eyes? Un cuerpo brutal que todo mujer, desearía tocar? (A body every woman want to touch?) Don’t really care. When a man is this fine, one does not question much.

That’s the looking part. With Wisin, the W&Y duo has produced many hits – all catchy, fun, danceable tunes that are easy on the ears. Which is why I’m glad that, despite my usual dislike for crossover English albums, Wisin y Yandel are cracking mainstream music. (But dude, keep igriega rather than Y!)

Tahar Rahim

Tahar Rahim is most notably known for his starring role as Malik El Djebena in Un prophete. Doing for Un Prophete what Wentworth Miller did for Prison Break – make prison seem less gross – Tahar Rahim made me keep my eyes on the screen despite the high-ick factor of realism in French cinema. The film wasn’t half-bad either. (Ha ha. It is a great movie!)

Chino (Chino y Nacho)

I’ll admit Chino of this Venezualan duo is the cute one (even if he doesn’t rock my boat. Tryin’ to be objective, people!).

Girls everywhere are probably hoping Nina Bonita won’t be their one hit so that they can stare at his pecs more.

Me, I like his dreads.

Emraan Hashmi

Despite being known more for shedding his clothes and his sex scenes (oh so tame storm in a teacup sex scenes!), Emraan Hashmi can act. Check out Once upon a Time in Mumbai. For a bit of unconventional Bollywood rom-com, watch Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji.

Takeshi Kaneshiro

An actor who has proven himself with longevity in a fickle industry, he just gets better-looking with age. My favourite of his films is House of Flying Daggers.

To be continued

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Lure of the secondary : A review of sorts of Mas Sabe El Diablo

Mas Sabe el Diablo is the 2009/10 Spanish telenovela (soap) produced by Telemundo. Like with everything else, I’m at least two years behind – but the advantage of that is being able to watch it more or less at a go. Or skip around if I want to. And when it is this long, you’d want to at some point.

Jencarlos – Stereotypical smoldering Latino

The plot follows one Angel Salvador (played by the gorgeous Jencarlos Canela), the illegitimate child of Martin Acero, the villian of the piece. Angel has just been released from prison and (sort of) wants to start a crime-free life but circumstances, friendship, family ties and the need for money stand between him and his fresh start. In other words, life. His love interest is Manuela Davila, lawyer-cum-socialite, who also happens to be Martin’s fiance.

The function of secondary characters in soaps is not limited to providing sidekicks, love interest, comic relief or sounding boards. They are more – the little hooks without which soaps can devolve into musical beds. (I’m looking at you General Hospital!)

Mas Sabe el Diablo demonstrates ably how secondary characters can do more than be secondary. They are the linchpins of the story, connecting it to a coherent whole. At the same time, when the main story lags, the secondaries that intrigue keep one in the story – because really, how many times can you watch lovey-dovey stuff without yawning but, at the same, there cannot be perpetual drama happening to the same people without stretching credulity past elasticity.

Mas Sabe el Diable offers plenty of high drama and couples to root for.

Two hard-headed people clashing

Virginia – the strong woman, vying for presidency of her father’s company who has to fight her own father’s prejudice (Having proven herself, her father’s reason for not giving her said presidency is her gender!) –  and Jimmy – the cop trying to find his father’s killer.

Mike – Jimmy’s partner and confidante, steady, sweet Mike – and Silvana – the younger woman who does not want to settle down in a permanent relationship. Quite a minor romance but I am intrigued enough by it to include it. Not popular enough to merit a screenshot, though.

Topo and Perla

Perla – impetuous young girl (so very immature) struggling with a newborn and headed towards self-destruction- and Topo – the boy next door/best friend who has been in love with her forever.

Not the token gay couple

Christian – villian’s brother, troubled by his sexuality and Horacio – flamboyantly gay, best friend to Manuela, gives good advice and can be depended upon to smooth tense situations over with a joke that is never mean.

Cachorro and Marina

And, my favourite, Cachorro and Marina. Cachorro, son to bar-owner-who-does-dirty-deals, is in love with Marina, a dancer in La Cueva (said bar), sometime prostitute and kept woman of El Hierro. Cachorro does horrible things, says the worst things and can be incredibly whiny, especially with Dad. Yet I love him. More than I like Angel. Whoops. Perhaps because he is steadfast and loyal, and when he says “I’ll do anything for you”, he does. Like *spoilers*

standing by her when he found out Marina had had a sex-change operation (you read that right!). Or when he says “I’ll die for you”, he does (mainly ’cause he’s adorably stupid and no way he can outsmart ‘El Hierro’). It does not hurt, of course, that Cachorro is played by Juan Jimenez.

Juan Jimenez as Cachorro

Marina’s transition from ‘I’ll sleep with a man only for money’ to woman in love is a journey, despite the unlikelihood of shared experiences of the audience, many women (and perhaps men) can understand. There is the allure of utter dedication and single-minded (pig-headed) love and pursuit that Cachorro provides to fill the emptiness of Marina’s life. The single most telling statement from Marina was ‘I never thought a woman like me could be loved.’

Marina’s appeal to Cachorro is more difficult for me to understand. Perhaps it is the challenge of the unobtainable. Or maybe it is just ‘love’.

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Review: Tangle of Need

Reading the Psy/Changeling series is starting to feel like picking at a scab. You know that you shouldn’t, because you don’t really like it but at some masochist level, you enjoy the twinge of pain. Or perhaps it is just the hope that your favourite author will fulfill the promise of her earlier books.

With Tangle of Need, she brings us back to the SnowDancer pack with Adria and Riaz, characters her followship have met, and in all likelihood, liked to various degrees. The plot does not seem consequential anymore – Psy civil war progresses and the SD pack has to deal with shit.

Full disclosure, I like Adria and I dislike Riaz. She’s prickly without being a bitch. She has reason to put up walls, good reasons to protect herself emotionally. Especially since Riaz (to me) comes at first across as being something of a prick. In all fairness, Riaz does apologize and make up for it. But I still think he’s a prick. So, hey, I’m not gonna like this one much anyway.

Their romance is less over-the-top but it does not have the  nuance to make it appealing.  The book seems a little confused at times – jumping from Adria-Riaz to Hawke-Sienna to crazy Psy people to marginally less crazy Psy people (whom I like, Vasic and Kaleb, for example) without Ms Singh’s usual finesse. If I was to be cruel, I’d call the book tangled; heavily dominated by Sienna-Hawke scenes, it felt a lot more like an extension of Kiss of Snow.

Whatever it is that has made me pick, and then nit-pick, Tangle of Need, I’d paid 6.88 (and some time) for it. Was it worth it? Yes and no. There are moments in the book when I am reminded why time and again, despite my complaints, I even bother reading more. Like when SnowDancer gather for Sienna and Hawke’s mating ceremony and the strength of friendships, platonic to that which exists with deepest love, is so wonderfully described. Evie and Sienna’s friendship was a beautiful thing to read – and provided the best laughs. Yet, I’m left cold by the romance the book was supposed to be about.

(I’ll write a positive review soon! Promise.)

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Free ebook download

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Fee fi fo fum!
Here’s a story rewritten in fun
Where the hen runs away
The harp is content to stay
Tisn’t just ogres Jack will slay

Callie Harper chafes under the rule of the ogre, Alfred. Her shot at freedom? Retrieving the runaway hen from the clutches of Jack Spriggins, the arrogant upstart looking to undermine Alfred’s rule of the criminal world. Her way to her own happily ever after is complicated by the feelings she has for Jack. Will she choose her freedom or her heart

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Lizard, Cornwall

Lizard, Cornwall

Light and dark

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